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lilith's spells

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lilith's spells

Post by althaia/lilith on Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:53 pm

Name: shadow trap

Requirements: magic staff, and any sign of an opponents shadow(which is hard since she can only come out at night), and be in own body form(can not use Althaia's body form)

Class: defensive

Element: darkness

Effect: It basically controls the shadow to appear from the ground and hold owner down. It strength depends on how solid the shadow is and can only weaken or disapper when the shadow blends in with shade. The owner can still shift is way into any type of shade, as long as the shadow loses the owners form, it will grow weaker to break free, then it simply returns to the ground back to normal.

History: She created this spell over while spending years in darkness, with little light. It helps hod her opponents down

Name: fire bolts

Requirements: staff, and be in own body form(can not use Althaia's body form)

Class: offensive

Element: fire

Effect: It sends bolts of fire from the staff, and depending on the size of each one tells how fast it goes. So the smaller they are the faster they good, but the larger it is the more the damage. It will not set things on fire unless with intention, it will simply burn it. The most it can make is 32 bolts of fire and go 26ft radius.

History: It was taught to her by a fire demon after she 'convinced' him to show her. It helps make the shadow trap stronger.

Name: transport

Requirements: cools down after three posts, needs the staff and be in own body form(can not use Althaia's body form)

Class: supplementary

Element: darkness

Effect: It creates a a small area of floating black clouds for her to enter, only she can enter it unless she allows other too. Once she enters or leaves, it quickly dissapears, but she can hold it open for a suprise attack and they can not attack her while she is in it it will simply go right through. She can create at the most three at the same for confusion, but thhat means the cooldown is five posts instead. She can not attack from inside there. It can go to a range of 35 ft radius around her opponent. Though when used for escaping it can take her back to the castle no matter how far(nothing between 35ft and hwo dar the castle is).

History: She created it during the years she spent in darkness


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Re: lilith's spells

Post by Renzenku on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:14 pm

Approved, all.

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