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Post by Glutton on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:30 am

Name: Glutton

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Hunger Incarnation

Appearance: Glutton resembles a cross between a fox and an ox in form. He's on the short side, about 3'6, and appears to be a child, though is actually ancient. He's extremely fat, with a big flabby belly covered in cream white fur. His ears have a lighter orangish poriton, which also covers his eyes, and stops at his white fluffy muzzle. He also has hair, which is bright red and rather spiky downward. From it raise up two large ox-like horns. His outfit is simple, and made up of a white cross wrap which walls down in two elegant ribbons, and a black steel bracelet on his left arm. His body is also covered with red runes, which glow when using magic.

Alignment: Neutral

Elemental Mastery: Hunger (The Hunger element gives Glutton a number of digestive syste based powers. He can swallow enemies whole to absorb their powers, stun them with toxic farts, and temporarily swallow allies to combine their power in a sort of fusion technique. The absorption gives him a gigantic moveset and potential to learn every element. However it also has some downsides, as shown in weaknesses.)

Personality: Glutton is fairly irritable and sarcastic, and hates to be annoyed. He'll usually brush people off unless he finds them interesting, or he's especially hungry and wants to eat them. As the living embodiment of Hunger, he has the biggest appetite in the universe and so thinks about food almost constantly. This can be a good thing, as providing lots for him will quite easily get the Incarnation on your side. It can also be very bad, as if the two of you are alone, and there's nothing to eat when his stomach starts to rumble, then you become the food. He's extremely confident in battle, and will often taunt the opponents in battle, which sometimes comes back to bite him. Glutton is a bit too arrogent, and it often gets him into trouble. He loves to fight and will often challenge people to spars. He also hates to lose, but will admit it if he's beaten definitively.

Weapons: A large steel trident.

Fighting Style: Glutton's style is a wide mix. He's very slow, and so speedy attacks aren't his thing at all, and he'll rarely dodge, instead blocking attacks or taking the hits direct and relying on his substantial fortitude. He'll often use his fart attack to stun opponents, before unloading a massive combo on them. He somewhat favors physical attacks, but is no slouch with magic. He just prefers a more visceral beatdown. His main weakness in battle is that he taunts and plays around way too much, which is his number one cause of defeat. Underestimating opponents being the second.

Affinities: Speed, Power, Fortitude, a wide range of physical and magical techniques.

Weaknesses: Overconfidence, horrible speed, no dodging ability at all, stubbornness, rarely take fights seriously. His constant hunger also provides problems. During a fight, once every 15 posts the opponent may say that Glutton is getting hungry. If he has any food on him he can eat it to prevent this. If he doesn't, then he may make stupid mistakes attempting to eat an enemy, or even turn on weakened allies! He also can only have one dominant element (besides Hunger) at a time. He may change it at will, but this will require a full post to do. He may use any element he's copied at any time, but unless he sets it dominant, it will be far weaker then normal.

History: Glutton is the Hunger Incarnation, one of 372 such creatures born in the ancient past. However they were the only things in their special plane, and as a result they quickly turned on each other. Each Incarnation that ate another absorbed the others strength, and in the end Glutton was the last one standing, now the sole Incarnation with the combined strength of all his species. After this he was capable of breaking through into creation proper, and for the first time saw actual civilization. Their nature hadn't allowed this in the Incarnations' world, and Glutton immediately liked it a great deal. As a result, he became far less destructive then in his homeworld, and began traveling at random, seeing the sights and simply enjoying himself. There are no real reports as to how old Glutton is. He's been seen for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and so he's definitely ancient, but how far back he's existed is a mystery. He doesn't much care personally, and probably doesn't even keep track. He's much more interested in traveling and finding new food to eat and opponents to fight.


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Re: Glutton

Post by Renzenku on Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:59 pm


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