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Chases Skill and Spells

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Chases Skill and Spells

Post by Kazu "Chase" Gallon on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:38 pm

Name: Dark Magical Essence
Requirements: His memory of his spells, his Sword and great concentration, his body
Class: Offensive, Defensive and Supplementary
Element: All elements
Effect: This Skill allows him to control all elements except metal to his own use in any way. He can channel his essence through a certain part of his body, which also does a great deal of damage to himself as it drains his life force out of him constant at anytime he uses it to control his own body if he pushes himself
History: By the power of a sorcerer, he has the ability to control all elements near him and create it himself, making him a dangerous opponent, although creating it from him cause some straininous drawbacks depending on the size, but channeling his powers through a certain weapon doesnt take much out of him


Name: Pyro
Requirements: Instinct Feeling, Concentration and strong Will power, Magic Essence
Class: Offensive
Element: Fire
Effect: The drawback of using this is, that is could severley burn the palms of his hands and he wouldnt be able to use it for some time
History: The magic ability of Fire that can severely burn, or injure any individual which can be manipulated in any way if the person have strong magical essence, it can be channeled through a weapon or be charged to a part of the wielders body, this is one of the 2 elements he constantly use

Name: Aqua
Requirements: Relaxed and Untensed Feeling, Magic Essence
Class: Offensive and Supplementary
Element: Water
Effect: The Drawbacks of using this element it will sting his muscles of using too much water magic that could possibly kill him if he doesnt push himself more
History: The Magic ability of Water that can make into Waves. The individual can manipulate the water and condense it into a object making it a very dangerous weapon. Also the ability to walk on water and breathe underwater without drowning

Name: Gaia
Requirements: Courage and Determination and the ground beneath him, Magic Essence
Class: Defensive and Supplementary
Element: Earth
Effect: : The overused of this element can result into putting a strain on the heart on his body, which can cause it to slowdown if he keeps using it and overusing his powers
History: The Magic ability to manipulate earth based magic, like making mud slide, earthquakes or even make a defensive structure around the user. Combining with Fire will result into mud, and fire will result into Lava

Name: Aura
Requirements: A windly Environment, Magic Essence
Class: Offensive and Supplementary
Element: Wind
Effect: The drawback of over using the Wind element is quite dangerous, if overused if can gravely cut the user on his body, which will drain the user quickly of stamina
History:The Magic ability to control wind, the user can control wind to cut through almost anything with great concentration, and also be given the ability to fly to move at high speeds and levitate others and objects

Name: Thunder
Requirements: Cautious Feeling and Anger, Magic Essence
Class: Really Really Offensive
Element: Lightning
Effect: The DrawBack result of paralysis, it can really damage the nervous system of the user body for a long period of time especially if user not careful he cause his body to go into shock
History: The strongest magic abilty to control the element force of lightning, which carries the devestating abililty to shock, eletrocute, and even kill with enough power through armor or a human body. In some cases it can cause due to numb feeling to opponents. this is the 2nd element he constantly use

Name: Yin
Requirements: A deep feeling of hate and dark bloodthristy behavior
Class: Highly Offensive
Element: Darkness
Effect: The Drawback of over using the element of Darkness, the skin of the left side of his body will darkened and his left eye will invert in colors, the more he uses it the corrupt his behavior is it put a virus like strain on his body, soul ,heart and Mind
History: The most dangerous ability to wield for any user, the ability to wield this element is to have a violent behavior or even have the feeling of hate and destruction, in Chase case it can take over him and cause him to rage way out of control, this element cant over power darkness it self. The Element reside in his left eye, which will turn a inverted red and black (Iris= red, Outer=Black) and will spead dark designs along his body if he uses it to much

Name: Yang
Requirements: A strong sense in justice and Magic Essence
Class: Highly Offensive
Element: Light
Effect: The overuse of light can also have dangerous effect, it can cause the user eyesight to be blurred out enough of them to go blind, and can slow their speed dramatically
History: The Mystical magical force of pure light from aside of Dark, is the most powerfull. The user can create light to heal wounds, fire concentrated beams of light from their very hands. It resides in his right eye, it turns yellow
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Re: Chases Skill and Spells

Post by Solomon Black on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:41 pm


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