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Glutton's Base Skills

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Glutton's Base Skills

Post by Glutton on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:48 am

Name: Devour

Requirements: Glutton, opponent must be defeated.

Class: Supplementary

Element: Hunger

Effect: This is Glutton's unique ability to end a battle by swallowing his opponent whole. He'll then digest them and absorb their skills, spells, elements, and alternate forms. This gives Glutton an absolutely enormous moveset. However he must "set" an element as his dominant one, or else the spells will be only a shadow of their former selves. He also must be in a position in which killing his opponent is possible. He may attempt it if he wants, but the opponent will then be capable of doing as much damage to his stomach as possible, until he spits them out. Requirements for skills will be waved when absorbed this way, however material components, such as specific weapons, will still be necisarry. And so he may not have access to all of his copied powers.

History: This is Glutton's primary ability, and the core principal of his species. All of the Hunger Incarnations were born with this skill, and immediately began using it to eat their siblings and assimulate their power. This finally resulted in Glutton as the last of his kind, and evolving from a relatively weak elemental, into something actually noteworthy to the other celestial races.


Name: Onara Bomb

Requirements: Glutton

Class: Offensive

Element: Hunger

Effect: A disgusting tecnique in which Glutton bends over and farts on the opponent. It has enough force to knock them back a bit and the smell is bad enough to stun and stagger them. The "immediate-fire" version is bad, but it can also be charged up to five times. He'll rarely do this, unless the opponents are really stunned, but a fully charged fart will release a gaseous blast of unimaginable power, destroying everything around and leaving the area completely incapable of ever supporting plant life again. Unless charged, the moves range is moderate, but not great. Despite conventional wisdom, fire attacks will not affect the clouds. His gas is so dense that it will literally suck the air out of the flames and extinquish them.

History: This can be used as heavy artilerry, as described above, but this is highly impractical. Rather, Glutton tends to use this as his combo opener. He'll rush in, daze the opponent with a nasty fart, and then unleash a barrage of smacks with his trident. The move doesn't really have an origin or history, Glutton is just "gifted" with the most horrific flatulence of all time.

Name: Arcane Jolt

Requirements: Glutton

Class: Offensive

Element: N/A

Effect: A non-elemental magic attack Glutton mostly uses for ranged combat. His runes glow bright as he charges magical energy, before firing a blast of red force from one hand with a palm thrust. It's quite weak, and has no elemental benifits, but on the bright side it hits the same regardless of weakness/resistance. It takes a bit to charge, but the blast itself is quite fast.

History: Glutton's primary spell. It's very simple and to the point, but is great for knocking away the opponent at the end of a combo. This is Glutton's main use for it, putting some distance between the two of them before the enemy has a chance to counter.
Name: Metabolism

Requirements: Fighting Glutton, may be used once ever 15 posts.

Class: Supplementary

Element: Hunger

Effect: This move is activated by Glutton's opponent. They may do so simply by saying that Glutton is getting hungry. He must then either eat some food that he has on him, or be pushed into mistakes, or turning on allies, by his insatiable hunger.

History: This is the primary weakness of the Hunger Element, it's user's metabolism is so great that the hunger pangs may even cause them to turn on their friends, or reject their better judgement.

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Re: Glutton's Base Skills

Post by Renzenku on Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:01 pm

You can't absorb unique elements or any form from others.

Everything else is approved

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