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A Dark Feeling (Open)

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A Dark Feeling (Open)

Post by Kazu "Chase" Gallon on Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:59 pm

As the rain drizzles on upon the dark sinful city, Chases walks along the pathway just entering the city limits. His face was half covered by the navy blue hoodie with silver flame designs. Some of his silver hair bangs cover his eyes slightly dripping water from the rain. He slowly walked on the sidewalk hearing the rain making impact on the concerte and his hoodie, the citizens slowly passed him he could feel the Pain, Fear, Fury and the Sorrow of the city.

He went into a alley, he looked up at the odd strange sky, seeing how dark it is even though its the daytime. He levitated up high quickly with his gloved hands in his pockets onto the rooftop, spalshing water from where he landed he walked to the edge seeing the city down below, seeing citizens walk around. He took out his right hand out his pocket, he held it in front of him with his magic essence he activates the element of lighting into the palm of his hand crackling and sizzing feeling it coursing through his entire right arm.
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Re: A Dark Feeling (Open)

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:13 pm

Ezrion had been walking about the city, the rain not touching him, as it evaporated before it could touch his skin. He smirked lightly as he opened a portal, drawing out Hujokashi and leaned the blade on his shoulder. He saw the male in the alley float up onto the roof and Ezrion became curious as to what he was doing.

Ezrion had stopped in the center of the street, the crowds giving him a wide birth, knowing who he was, as well do to the blade he had leaning on his shoulder. He sighed once and unfolded his wings. He jumped and flapped them, gaining altitude quickly. He flew directly up to the man, streaming steam from his body, blade outstretched, pointing at the male. He floated in front of the man, not speaking or making any sound what-so-ever.

I am that which come's in the dark, to snuff out the light. I am that which causes the bravest of men to cower on the ground. I am worse than death itself. I am FEAR!
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