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Post by Sakio on Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:43 am

Name: Sakio

Age: Beginning of Time

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Fallen Angel

Appearance: Sakio is 5'10 and about 170 pounds. He has a muscular, yet skinny build. He has dark brown eyes, which resembles his mothers. He has dark brown hair with jet black tips, which is long and straight. His hair is so long that it reaches almost completely down his back. In Thy front he has two long spikes of hair that hang down to about Thy start of his chest.

Sakio doesn't normally wear shirt. Instead he wears a tan cloak that reaches down to his knees. Thy cloak attaches around his neck and can be removed rather quickly. His pants are dark maroon and have 3 different sets of star encrusted belts attached to them. Thy 3 belts are arranged going down his legs starting from his upper thigh. Sakio wears fingerless gloves with big stars on Thy top of them. He also wears 2 big circle earrings with stars in Thy middle.

His angel wings are black and they always stay hiding until he wishes for them to show.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Elemental Mastery: (What element does your character have mastery over?)

Personality: Within this body, originally possessed by Thy man named “Natzuko,” there are three different entities. Each a separate part of Natzuko, yet still a single piece of him. In simpler terms, they are different pieces of his soul, and as such different personalities, each separated from Thy other but within one body.


Natzuko is Thy first and foremost of Thy personalities, controlling Thy majority of his body. He is Thy most powerful of Thy three, having created Thy other two personalities so as to remain sinless and pure in Thy eyes of Father. He is a good person at heart, but he turned away from that goodness to do as he felt was just and right. He cares about life and thinks it is something people should hold dear. He does not understand why creatures take it for granted, tossing it around like it is nothing. As towards Thy afterlife, he cares about it, particularly Thy heavenly aspect. He believes Heaven is Thy end all be all, but believes that with Thy way creatures act in life that they should not be able to enter heaven as easily as they do. As Natzuko is Thy creator of both personalities, his eye color is a unique helix twist of both colors of their eyes, much like Thy system of a star.


Tazen, Thy second personality to be created, is Thy warrior. He is a remorseless fighter, holding true joy when fighting. He was created out of all Thy hate within Natzuko’s heart, and has light red eyes, like watered down blood.


Thy third and final personality, with light blue eyes, goes by Thy name Sakio. He is unlike Thy other two in Thy sense that he is truly evil, Natzuko’s darkside willing to do any and everything to make their dream come true. Without mercy, he is ruthless, brutal, and sarcastic. While Natzuko controls Thy majority of their shared body, he allows Sakio to take over as Thy main personality revealed to other beings because he will get Thy job done: no matter what.

Weapons: Tenrai

Tenrai is a blade hand crafted by Father himself just for Sakio. After seeing how much Sakio had grown in his swordmanship Father decided to create a blade just for Sakio. This blade would be named Tenrai translated in english it means Divine or Heaven Sent.

Sakio isn't sure exactly what Tenrai is made of or how Father came up with Thy shape for it. What he does know is that Thy blade of Tenrai never dulls and remains just as sharp as when he first received it. He also knows that nothing man or creature made can break or dull Thy blade. To make sure that not just anybody could weild such a power weapon. Father stored Tenrai in one of Sakios black wings. When Sakio wishes to use Tennrai he must pull a feather from that wing and Thy blade will appear in his hand from Thy feather. Should another besides Sakio touch Tenrai, it will instantly turn back into Thy black feather it was formed from.

(I would try to describe it but I find it hard to do so. Hopefully a brief history and Thy pic will be enough)

Fighting Style: Sakio prefers to fight with his ability and swords


Keen Intellect: Sakio is gifted with great insight and understanding of situations at hand. Because of this he has Thy habit of reading and understanding people after moments of meeting and interacting with them. After a short amount of time of being around that person Sakio can fully understand everything about them. This same strength is used with knowledge and fighting making Sakio very smart and dangerous.

Master Tactician: When fighting Sakio uses his ability and Knee Intellect to turn into a master tactician. Sakio is a powerful and flexible tactician, capable of adjusting seamlessly to any given combat situation, if not plan out events well in advance. He understands Thy strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of his enemies and creates strategies to achieve victory.

Master Manipulator: Sakio has shown himself to be a very crafty and cunning man. His most noticeable strength is his ability to deceive and manipulate others around him in multiple manners. He uses his Keen Intellect to analyze and observe everything in his presence, allowing him to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking to better manipulate them. He is also a powerful strategist, capable of formulating well-thought-out plans several steps ahead of others. These plans are incredibly involved and detailed, and are planned-out with Thy long term in mind, making them seem slightly convoluted.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Sakio is masterful at swordsmanship, capable of flawless precision and lethal attacks without much effort.

Enhanced Durability: While not having Thy most imposing appearance compared to other angels or creatures for that matter, Sakio has shown to be a very resilient fighter. Due to his countless fights against demons and other angels, Sakio has built up a high tolerance for pain. When fighting despite any injury he receives he will continue to fight effectively and even ignore his wounds to Thy point that he seems unfazed by them. His tolerance is so high he will even damage himself in a fight, if it means he will win.


Hand to Hand combat: Sakio spent most is not all of his training on perfecting two thinngs. One was his swordsmanship and Thy other was Thy use of his ability. Because of this Sakio neglected to train himself enough in hand to hand combat. If he can't fight with his blade or another blade then he rather not fight.

Enhanced Durability: Sakios high tolerance for pain is a double edged sword. On one side he can fight without feeling anything. On Thy other side because he feels nothing he will often push his body to far and over its limits. Once his body has surpasses its limits it will often breakdown causing Sakio to lose control and pass out.

History: Unknown


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Re: Sakio(WIP)

Post by Solomon Black on Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:09 pm

You have no elemental mastery XD... Also add in some history... like how he came to have no history XD

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