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Post by Karasu Kitsu on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:19 am



Type Of Weapon:Katana

Elemental Alignment:

Ability/Function:Striking his opponent with Harusame, he can send enough electricity through there body to even kill A Person. It uses his ablity to create storms and it create a thunder storm in the sky and sends several lightning bolts down on an opponent. Karasu's fastest attack, which creates a massive bolt of lightning that strikes Karasu's exact location but its not going to hurt him.

Close/Long Range:Close


History:This was made by Ren and Karasu trained with the blade to make it this way.It hass help kill many enimes.




Ability/Function:Nullifys Fire element

Protection:Whole body except for the feet.


History:This was made by an Old Lady Karasu meet. It help him get through Fires.

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Re: Wepon/Armor

Post by Renzenku on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:49 pm

Armour is approved. Work on the history of your future abilities/accessories.

Weapon; lower the ability to have so much eletricity is kills the strongest person. Make it so that it would have enough electricity to kill a regular human instantly and badly shock someone stronger.

There is a large difference on my site between strongest person and regular human ^^

My Friends are my power. Never expect me to be without my power; for so long as I live I shall have them close to my heart...
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