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Group fight

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Group fight

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:50 am

Ezrion walked into the desserted, decayed city after recieving a summons that called all tournament goers to this location in about five minutes. Ezrion was tired of being late so he decided on showing up five minutes early. He walked to what appeared to be the center of the city and stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, waiting for the others to arrive. In his head he bet against himself that Ren would show up first, then Solomon, then Castiella, then the others.

While he waited he decided to have a little snack and pulled out of his pockets a crinkled up bag of chips. HE began eating his chips and using a small amount of energy inserted his headphones into his ears. He then turned on his music and stood there eating chips listening to his favourite group: Iconic Death.

I am that which come's in the dark, to snuff out the light. I am that which causes the bravest of men to cower on the ground. I am worse than death itself. I am FEAR!
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