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The dreams of Demons (Kuumin only)

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The dreams of Demons (Kuumin only)

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:09 pm

Ezrion had been walking through the woods as he had been doing quite frequently as of late and decided to take a rest among a grove of holly trees. He leaned against one and watched a small deer feeding off of some moss on the trunk of one of the holly trees opposite of him. He inhaled deeply and shut his eyes, listening to the sounds of the forest around him.

Some time later he awoke laying next to a large oak tree, confused about how he got there he stood up and nearly fell back down from all the blood rushing to his head. I must have been out for longer then I thought.

Looking around Ezrion tried to figure out where in the woods he was exactly, and how he got there. He used to have some sleep walking issues before but he thought that he had put those behind himself. Walking past the oak he stumbled down a small cliff face which lead him toward Yggdrasils grove at the center of the woods.

Jumping into the lower branches of Yggdrasil Ezrion surveyed the area. He soon discovered the grove of Holly trees that he had originally slept in and traced a line of distortion among the trees where there had been, seemingly, a forest fire. Ezrion leaned against Yggdrasil's trunk in disbelief. He had burnt a patch of the woods while he had been sleep walking.

He whacked his head off of a branch purposefully. He then realised just how tired he was and decided that it would be best if he headed home. So he dropped from the branches and began the long walk back to his temporarry estate here on the island.

I am that which come's in the dark, to snuff out the light. I am that which causes the bravest of men to cower on the ground. I am worse than death itself. I am FEAR!
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