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About the Tournament!

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About the Tournament!

Post by Ragno Rakk on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:00 pm

The Tournament will be hosted when there are 10+ people on this site, it may take awhile. When it is hosted, the Tournament will be to decide the most powerful writer/character on this site. You must take note of the rules of the tournament:

--Do NOT kill an opponent, unless they go Rogue (I will explain that shortly)

-- Realise that you have lost the match, the God Mod part of this site is to make amazingly powerful character, and yes they hardly will get hit, but you must recognize when your losing.

-- If you decide to go Rogue, the entire force of the opposition of the Tournament has permission to obliterate you. If they can. Don't worry, if you lose you cannot Die, you will experience the trek back from hell, which you shall write out by yourself in a small story. If it sounds to much for you, don't go Rogue, or make sure you can win.

Rogue Rules;

--While in the Tournament you can decide to 'go rogue' which means you will turn on the rest of the oppostion and use lethal force on the judges and your opponents. Read previous rules for what the opposition can do to stop this.

--If you win against everyone who dares challenge you, it will be as if you won the tournament, and all of your opponents must trek from hell.

--If you must trek from hell, it locks all of your powers, leaving you with your pure combat skills.


--The winner will obtain Moderator status, and will get a new power of their choice. (Far beyond what is normally aloud. Think how powerful it would have to be x.x)


--If you lose via a regular tournament match, nothing happens.

--If you lose a Rogue match you must trek from hell.
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