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The Eternal Shadows

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The Eternal Shadows

Post by Death on Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:37 pm

Name: Death

Age: Appearance: 16-17. Biologically: 44

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Immortal

Appearance: Death has the body of a skinny teenager. He is 5'9" feet tall. He has long hair black hair and pitch black eyes. Death usually wears black and white themed clothing, and occasionally, a black, thin, cloak that has a resemblance to the mythical Grim Reaper.

Alignment: Evil

Elemental Mastery: Darkness

Death has a sarcastic and slightly sadistic sense of humor and a rather uncaring attitude to everybody around him.
He only does things that help people for either his own gain or for entertainment. He's only considered evil because he does things for himself only.
Occasionally, he becomes fond of others, although not to the point where he would consider them his "friends".
Death likes to be the bearer of bad news and usually states the harsh truth, even if it's not needed.
He's also very lazy.

Weapons: Death has the mastery over all melee weapons.
His weapons usually work with the shadows and have shadow like qualities.
Weapons: Scythe, Dual Katana, Dual Blades within his wrists, -

Fighting Style: Death likes to fight fast, close, and to hit hard.

Death is very speedy and very strong. He also has magnificent reflexes and reaction time. He likes to use the shadows as a theme for most of his abilities. He is able to manipulate the shadows in various ways. Light isn't effective against him.

Death has a bad defense and horrible offensive magic.
Due to his personality, he may piss off the wrong person or get himself in trouble.

History: Death's past is covered by a cloud of Darkness, quite literally. Whenever he tries to think of anything more than four years ago, all he can remember is a cloud of Darkness. Sometimes he can hear familiar voices and see the outlines of faces, but nothing specific. He just woke up one day with his actual name, how to fight, and his scythe.

Pictures: (Any images of your character that you may have go here--they are optional.)
The Eternal Shadows

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