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Solomons Inferno

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Solomons Inferno

Post by Solomon Black on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:47 pm

Solomon awoke in his bed with a jolt. He was confused, one minute he was with Ezrion, the next...

Interrupting his thoughts was a beautiful girl storming in the room, with long silver hair. " Did you have a nightmare Sully? " The girl asked.

Solomon was dumbfounded, this was Silver. His long dead sister, in front of him. He stood up and walked up to her, " Who are you? Why are you impersonating Silver! "

The girl grabbed him by the neck and picked him up off the ground, " Dear Sully, I am your sister. Annabell Black and you left me and everyone else to die! " She threw him into the wall, which grew vines that wrapped around his wrist, making him bleed with its thorns. Same to his ankles.

Solomon tried to free himself but found himself unable to, " Silver, what are you doing! " He struggled and struggled but could not get free.

She walked toward him now holding a long green whip, covered in thorns. She wrapped it around his neck, " You now deserve a fitting punishment. " She began to slowly pull on the whip, shredding his neck slowly. Though instead of slipping into unconsciousness, he was forced to endure the full pain of dying. He cried and cried for her to stop until she had shredded it all off, and then he died, Again.
Solomon Black
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Re: Solomons Inferno

Post by Solomon Black on Thu May 13, 2010 9:49 am

Ninth Circle

Solomon awoke again, this time in a large cavern. Getting up he felt his neck for any wounds, after feeling nothing he threw off the experience as a dream. He looked around, observing his surroundings. They were strange, he was in a large Ice cavern, in it was a massive being chained to the ground by his wrists. It could not be described as anything but what was once a man, it had six horns and six wings, its skin looked like it was burnt out charcoal.
It did not move, or breath. Solomon turned away because he thought it was best to stay away from it. Turning around he viewed a massive chain that spanned at least a mile upwards to the top of the cavern where it left through a hole.
Solomon tried to grow wings and fly upwards, but could not. It was only then did he notice his constant energy signature missing. He fell to his knees when he felt the suddenness of his weakness, but after a second of kneeling there he shook his head and got up once again. He did not need to use the power to overcome this; he could do it without them. He took a walk up to the chain with great vigor, and began to climb it as quickly as he could.

Three hours later Solomon reached the top. He was very strained, but his vigor remained. Walking away from the hole he looked around. He was standing on a pillar of stone, frozen only on the inside apparently. Walking away from the chain he spied a bridge and walked towards it.
He had just reached the bridge when a loud scream could be heard. Spinning around he saw what had happened. Behind him were two very large creatures with men’s bodies but goat legs and heads. Both had large swords and impaled on one was a woman, stranger to Solomon.
The thing ripped the women off its sword and threw her away, like she was a doll that was no longer fun. It pointed at Solomon and charged forward roaring, It reached Solomon and raised its massive arm and slashed at Solomon.

Solomon ducked under the sword, and then delivered a punch to the things stomach, it did not even flinch. It reached for Solomon, though Solomon was too quick. Moving out of the way he jumped on the things shoulders. He grabbed one of its horns and kicked it as hard as he could in the neck. The neck snapped killing the thing instantly, and the horn was ripped off its head.

Holding the horn Solomon walked towards the second one. It swung its sword at Solomon when he was close enough, screaming in rage. Solomon dodged the swing and shoved the horn into its jaw. He pulled down on the horn, ripping down its throat, blood pouring out covering Solomon.

Just as he killed that one though, seven other things crawled out of the ground. The looked like naked bodies, wielding spears and all sorts of weapons. They charged Solomon, he dropped the horn and ran toward them.

He killed the first by snapping its neck, the second by throwing it and impaling it on another’s spear. He ripped ones arm off, then almost ripped its head off. He smashed two heads into the grounds killing those, and kicked one off the ledge. Looking at his blood covered hands, he shook them until most of the blood came off, then wiped most of the blood off his face.

To bad for Solomon it was not over, at least twenty of the little ones appeared and ten of the big ones all came crawling out of the chain hole. Solomon walked back towards the bridge and picked up ones sword. He took a step onto the bridge and threw it full force at the incoming group, mowing a bunch down and causing them to stumble as he made a run for it over the bridge.
Solomon Black
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