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The Angel Arrives

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The Angel Arrives

Post by Renzenku on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:16 pm

Character Bio
Year: 3023

Name: Renzenku Hitmori

Date of Birth: Febuary 14, 3004

Date of Death: ----, --, ----

Weight: 158.6 lbs

Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

-Color: Dirty-Blonde
-Length: 3 inches
-Style: Spiked


-Color: Cerulean Blue

-Tone: Caucasian
-Type: II

Place of Birth: London, England

-John Phillips
- Deceased
- Master Swordsman when he lived

-Mary Hitomori
-Recently Deceased
-Could play music that calmed any fight, quenched any thirst for bloodlust.

Physical Traits:
-Half-Built, his metabolism does not allow proper growth of 'muscle'
-Straight, narrow nose with regular, non-withstanding features
-Broad shoulders, built for carrying weaponry
-He is an angel, he can summon wings at will.

Body Build: Medium

Personality: Ren at 25 is far more serious then he was at 19, he still can't stand to see others get hurt. However, he can now know not to interrupt, he is no longer full of himself and his abilities, and he no longers fools around as much. Though he still retains his life-long joking habits outside of battle, inside battle they are abandoned for seriousness.

He is also the Head Angel, in any universe that does not have a God, he is the god. In his original world and dimension he became the leader of everything. But if he came to Earth, he would have to do the bidding of our God, as God(s) are technically higher up, but in realms without gods he is the 'all powerful'

-12 years training with various sword types, he perfers to dual-wield broadswords when he can and if he can't Katana's are the way to go in his opinion

-Master at reading other people's emotions and their movement.

-He is an angel, a Sepherim to be specific.

-Has an all-knowing ability when in Light-Oni Mode.

-Amazing speed, strength and intelligence. He is a super genius, knowing all there is to know about anything when he is in Light mode. He can move beyond the speed of light, and his strength is extremely, massively, beyond even Superman's spectrum.

-He can play magical music, that allows him to control the elements and nature. Especially when playing Reed or Pan Pipes.

-He also has a set of Energy Pistols, that have infinite ammo and have different energy types, with the blades attached to the guns he can stab something and get it's attributes. Example: Someone shoots a fireball at him, if he slashes through it with the Fang on the guns, from then on, or until he decides otherwise, he can shoot fire bullets.

-Upon obtaining his newest upgrade, his own energy signature was realesed. Giving Either energy and the ability to control all elements to their max extent, so long as they are already in existence where he is. Either energy is the energy holding all other elements and energies together, so it is the begginning and end of elements/energies. He now has 4 sets of wings.

-His second last upgrade unlocked more power, giving him Space energy as well, five sets of wings, and an 'ultimate' armour that is extremely powerful. Made of all types of steel, elements, powers ect... Even if Ren has no control over an element, the armour can turn to it. He now has 5 sets of wings.

-His final upgrade ages him 6 years, and makes him unaging, he is now 25 and slightly more powerful. With all knowledge on the Space element, and even more knowledge on all other subjects.

-Since he is the Head Angel, he can recognize any Angel, Fallen Angel, or any well known Demon. Automatically can sence the energy signature of any Angel, or Fallen Angel. Of any type.

-His personal energy, Either Energy, is unique to him alone. No other person in any dimension or planet may have it, as Ren was born in a special way...

-Either Energy is unique, it cannot be held power over by any other element or energy of any kind what-so-ever. Even other unique elements cannot control Either Energy. No other energy can lock Ren's Either Energy, as it his own and completely unique.

-Either energy can control all other elements to their mastery extent, but only if they are priorly existing. He cannot make a fireball out of nothing, because he does not have Fire ENERGY, but he can control Fire ELEMENT to any extent he wishes.

-Because of Ren's Either Element and the fact that he is an angel he cannot be effected by any mental attack, he has to strong a mind and will as well to be affected by any mental attack. Illusions, for example, do not work on Ren, he sees the entire truth of what is happening. He is completely immune to ALL mental attacks or techniques

- Ren cannot be detained by any power using connection of the eyes, because the body that shows is not his 'true body'. And his 'true body' does not technically have eyes. (Light Mode)

- Ren may or may not choose to visualize an illusion, if he chooses to see it, it still will not effect him. He is just seeing it.

- Ren cannot be affected, effectively, by the element of light. This element will do around half damage. Because he is made of light in his 'true form' (Light Mode.... For Now)

- Age 25 Ren is extremely powerful in comparison to Age 19 Ren, his body changed to Age 25 Ren as a result of power overload in the body of Age 19 Ren.

- Ren can handle any amounts of Energy or knowledge being inserted into him or forced upon him at any time. Because of this it is nigh impossible to explode him using energy, over time, or contain him using energy on his insides.

- Because Ren is the leader Angel in any dimension at all, he has a forcable knowledge of all things Angel and Demon. He is more powerful when fighting a Fallen Angel or Demon then he is when fighting other species, because he has a certain substantial power over them because of his position. An approximation is 1.5 times more powerful.

- Ren has the ability to absorb the energy of other living things, not other 'people', plants and the earth and such. Instead of using his own energy, he only uses this in dire times. He likes to avoid killing the wildlife.

- Ren uses an arsenal of created weapons that usually have unique properties, he usually creates weapons out of what is around him.

- Ren constantly uses his own energy and power to form armour complete armour. Which has extremely high durability, and cannot be taken off of him.

- Ren uses seven 'artifacts' he obtained from different leader species, or gods, in different dimensions, these are completely unique and Ren has the only set. There are no other 'artifacts' that are the same in anyway, or any opposites. They cannot be taken from Ren, they will instantly reappear on him. He can summon them by will at any time he wishes. When he uses all of the 'Seven Artifacts of the Gods', as they are called, he gains a substantial boost in power.

- Each artifact is alligned with a Element, when using the Artifact alligned with fire, for example, he has complete and total control over fire in any form. The ultimate control, no other thing in existance has higher levels of control. The artifacts use the purest of the pure of the Energies for each Element, at their highest level. Which is why even Energies that provide complete control over other elements cannot beat these elements from the Artifacts.

- Using the Artifacts in substantial amounts does have a downfall, they will eventually take control of Ren and his mind. At least, that is what the Gods told him, and he believes it.

- Ren's final Martrydom Form, Rage Mode, is a tendency Ren cannot control. Under extenuating Circumstances Ren will enter this mode, his body will be destroyed, now formed of his own blood. No matter what happens Ren's opponent WILL die as a result of this form, no matter their techniques or power level, Ren can kill them in this form. So long as they are not 500 times more powerful them him. However, Ren will die as well. The conditions are beyond extreme for this to happen, they would probably NEVER occur in a fight with another 'person'.(This is also known as Blood Weapon Mode, why it is here)

- The Artifacts are completely unbreakable, they are impossible to break or destroy.

- Ren's 'ultimate' blade, that isn't the Artifact Blade, is made of Angel Steel, which is impossible to break in any manner what-so-ever. It is immune to Magic and Physical things of any type. They are quite literally unique to him alone, and incapable of being destroyed or dismantled.

- Each Artifact's abilities (which are many in numbers) are all related to an element, and cannot be controlled by any other element in existence, ever, Either cannot control them, Ren can because of the Artifacts. Because they are the purest and god like versions of each element they are above the control of any other element/energy

-His two most powerful artifacts are Cosmos's and Chaos's Blade, there are no other weapons in the known multi-verse or any dimension that anyone has ever possesed that is anything like these two blades. They can turn into any other type of weapon as long as they are considered "good" or "evil" respectively, as in, Cosmos's can not turn into a Scythe, but Chaos's can, and Chaos's can not turn into a Bo-Staff but Cosmos's can. Et Cetera.

-Both Blades are massively powerful, far beyond God level in power, as they were given to Ren by the two creator's of the universes (all of them)
(((I will not disclose what each Artifact does, as this removes some amusement...)))

-He loves to keep a set of reed pipes on his belt loop.
-He loves chips, Sour Cream and Onion specifically. Though no one ever has any.
-He loves working for the 'Greater Good'
-He almost never goes out without wearing something White.

Pics For his Stages:

Age 19:

Age 25:
**See pic for site at this moment

Ultimate Form- Age 19 (With Either Energy and Space)

Ultimate Form- Age 25:

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