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Lets begin shall we?

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Lets begin shall we?

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:10 pm

Ezrion Alexander Jr.

Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Weight: 187
Hairstyle: Dark Black, Medium Length
Build: Muscular
Clothing: Usually wearing a vest and some sort of protection

Occular Abilities:
Chaotic Fear Eye

Requirements: Sustained Eye Contact, Activated by rolling back his eye to reveal the symbol

Class: Offensive

Effect: It shows the person their worst possible fear and is nearly unblockable. When it is being used it draws someone to look at his eye trapping them. While this is happening they can no longer blink and will experience their worst fear. Only way to escape is to break eye contact by moving their head or if Ezrion blinks. They will still percieve the fight but will slip into their worst possible fear. Unless they are aware of his ability it will effect them.

History: He recieved it in a fight through hell with Ren and used it only during that fight agaisnt Ren and a random npc. It drove the Npc nearly insane and Ren escaped due to his own occular abilities though in neither case was his life truly threatened. His first use against Ren was an accident.


Demonic Foretelling

Requirements: He needs to activate it by rolling his eye back to reveal the symbol

Class: Supplementary

Effect: It allows him to see his enemys movement before they truly occur. He will percieve the enemy's movements seconds before they occur, similar to the sharringan from Naruto.

History: Recieved it at the same time as his Chaos eye of fear while fighting Ren through hell. Used it only to avoid a trap set by Ren on their way deeper into hell. He has not used it much since.

Collective History: They had changed colour to a dark crimson and were spinning at such a high volosity that it caused a heat so intense that it began to melt the crystal. It coursed down his arm in molten beads, then hit the floor and steamed.

The symbols began to travel up his arm melting the crystal as they went until they reached his head. They split and went for his eyes the chaos symbol went into his left and his pentagram into his right eye. They pressed deeply until they were behind his eyes and layed against his skull. The entire time steam poured from his eyes.

Ezrion began clawing at his face with his free hand screaming out in pain as he did so. He scratched little rivlets out of his flesh causing little streams of blood to trickle down his face and colect in a small pool on top of the crystal. All of a sudden his eyes flew open his left completly black, his right completly red. They dim and his symbols are in his pupils. He screamed once more before his head went limp.


Name: Fear incarnate

Requirements: Requires that his choas eye be activated

Class: offensive

Element: none

Effect: His eye leaves it's socket and floats ten feet in the air expanding to the size of a soccer ball and the chaos sybol is shown on all sides. It draws anyones attention that are in a five meter radius from it. They will all experience their worst fear, as will the user except he will not feel fear unless it is something that truly frightens him. Lasts for one post by everyone in the topic, except for the user, and he cannot move while it is activated. Another side effect is that is causes his empty eye socket to bleed continuesly until his eye returns.

History: He received the skill while training at home with Micheal. He used the eye and it accidentally activated this ability causing micheal to experience true fear. He then practised it more so that he could gain full control of it. He can now use it at will, but will only use it when he is either cornered or outnumbered.


Name: Chaos imprisonment

Requirements: Ezrion's chaos eye

Class: Offensive, Defensive

Element: Fear, if thats an element

Effect: For five of the victims post they are forced to live through their worst possibly fears, while there body is completely unprotected. Any injuries suffered during the waking nightmare will be inflicted onto the persons body. Ezrion is free to move but can not harm the person who is affected by this ability because they are shrouded by an impenetrable veil of chaos energy that is what causes them to see there worst fear. The dome slowly deteriorates, making it easier for those within to escape from this ability. Though they will not matter what be trapped for the first post, after that there is a slim chance of escape.

History: Ezrion was expirementing with his Chaos eye and found that when he used it, he was too vulnerable to enemy counterattacks, so he came up with an idea to allow him to use it without fear of being unable to defend himself from the counterattacks of others. He is unsure exactly what occurs that prevents him from moving when he uses his original eye, but he has overcome that handicap in this version of his chaos eye.

Armor Forms

Demon/Chaos Armor/Form

Ability/Function: The chaos section of his armor gave him his chaos poison attack and energy. The demonic armor gave him his demon energy.

Protection: It protects most physical damge and some energy damage for it is encased in energy.

Appearance: It looks similar to military garb but in red and black.

History: The armor was unlocked by Renzenku during training with Ezrion.

Name: Choatic Demon

Ability/Function: When ativated it will transform Ezrion into his true demon self. His speed will massively increase. His strength will increase. His moves become more unpredictable and his claws are coated in chaos poison; a black liquid that will disintergrate anything it touches, like acid, except it is completely under Ezrion's control, so it will not harm him. The claws themselves are three and a half inches long and are visiously sharp. He can summon other Demons from himself and take on ther properties. He can enter solid objects, and if it is a living object will be able to control them for a maximum of seven posts, unless they force him out. His eye abilities are always active even when eye contact isn't occuring, though they will only be afraid of Ezrion, he will take the shape of whatever fears them, when he first changes. Ezrion fear ablilitie changes so that he is what the person looking at him fears the most while he is changing into this form. After the change is complete his eye makes whoever looks at him completely afraid of him by slowly mutating the persons fear into his appearance causing them to believe it is just a extension of their worst fear. This fear is completely unblockable and unescapeable for it bypasses the senses and affects the part of the brain in change of detecting fear directly thus stopping any chance of it being negated. His claws can be launched off of his hands but they will no longer be coated in chaos posion, and they will grow back. When they grow back they will once again be coated in the posion but if launched again they lose their coating.

Protection: It provides some more protection from melee hits as it thickens his skin and covers him in scales. The scales reflect half of any energy attack launched at him. His energy stores are also released and used as a cloak of pure energy that will injure and disorient anyone that enters it, covers ten meters around Ezrion.

Appearance: His skin thickens becoming coated in scales with a red and black swirl/ blotch pattern. He grows horns with pinpricks of fire at their tips. He grows more muscular and his canines enlarge. He grows a double row of half inch spikes down his spine and a foot and a half long imp tail. His fingers become Talons and along the back of his forearms he grows three rows of half inch spikes. Bone gorws from both sides of his knees and attaches to his ankles. He is shrouded in energy and every step he takes leaves a burn mark on the gound. His wings are permanently out. Side effects: Ezrion goes completely bezerk, feeling no pain and becoming a feral creature. He is still in control but has no ability to speak and no longer fights with his swords.

History: Ezrion was outback of his home on the island sparring against Micheal who was irritating him. He kept taking Ezrion's swords away from him so Ezrion's anger kept biulding up until his face turned red, literally. His face was changing colour and from his forheaad two small bumps were growing out. He dropped to a knee and ripped open his shirt because his body temperture was rising extremely quickly. His legs started to have bone grow from them and his arms and spine grew small spikes. He grew a tail that thrashed about. He then charged forward at Micheal before Ren jumped down from nowhere and knocked Ezrion out, causing Ezrion to return to normal.


Type Of Weapon: Demonic claymore

Elemental Alignment: Fire

Close/Long Range: Intended for close range but can be used at a distance

Appearance: A claymore with a hilt of scales and a dragons mouth at the base of the blade. Horns hang down to protect the users hand. Flames are emitted from the mouth.

History: He was given this sword by his human father and it helped him survive his years in the demonic realm, where it gained it's demonic properties.


Name: Salmathor

Type Of Weapon: Katana

Elemental Alignment: none

Close/Long Range: Close range.

Appearance: A black katana made of diamond

History: Ezrion made this sword after he returned from the demon realm. He named it after his father.


Name: Satans sword.

Type Of Weapon: long sword

Elemental Alignment: Satans sword is mostky aligned with darkness and shadows but is also affiliated with every other element.

Ability/Function: It allows Ezrion to control the elements around him to a small degree.

Close/Long Range: close range

Appearance: A long sword with snake patterns and flames tattooing it's surface.

History: This blade was gained during the first pre-tournament battle.


Name: Hujokashi

Type Of Weapon: any

Elemental Alignment: every known element

Close/Long Range: Close/long Range

Ability/Function: Changes to any weapon that Ezrion chooses. Any Elemental weapons power will be multiplied by the amount of changes the sword has gone through in the topic it is used. Each time it changes form any elemental ablilities of a weapon changes into will be multiplied by 1.5 then 2.0, 2.5 etc...

Appearance: a longsword with shimering red letters on the blade, spelling power in some long forgotten language. The hilt is made from the scales of some great beast, the crossguard has a spike on either side protecting the hands. The entire sword is a light blue colour except the letters and the spikes which are a dark shade of red.

History: Blade was also gained during the pre-tournament battle. It's new abilities were unlocked by Ezrion during a sparring match with Solomon. He inbued it with energy for a attack and didnt notice as it continueally drew energy from his body until a light blue unkown ruin appeared on the crossguard, then grew until it was larger then the weapon and shattered, fading away to nothingness. He and Solomon continued to spar. Ezrion wished he had his larger sword in his hand and looking at his weapon he noticed that it changed to Kuyomaji. He then continued to change it to any weapon he wanted. Any elemental weapon he changed it to was twice as strong as it would have been normally. Using this newer version of his blade Ezrion defeated Solomon in weapons combat but lost the actuall fight.


Name: Ezrion calls it his locating dagger, for he lacks the knoledge of it's actual name.

Type Of Weapon: A cursed dagger

Elemental Alignment: N/A

Ability/Function: This dagger will always travel to its target once it has already tasted their flesh and blood. It also allows Ezrion's blades to travel with it to the target. It uses the targets energy to fuel it flight, so if someone should flee the blade it will continue to follow them making them progressively weaker. It also speaks to the wielders mind, it is not allied with Ezrion himself he merely posses it at this moment.

Close/Long Range: Close and long range

Appearance: It is a dagger inscribed with unknown runes on the blade, a black wire wrapped hilt. The blade is approximately three inches in length, one in width.

History: Ezrion discovered this blade on a corpse of a Demonic gaurdsman after an encounter with a patrolling sqaud of Angels. He bent over to inspect it when it told him to pick it up out of the dirt. When he did so it spoke to him, telling him to throw it. He did as it said and watched as it flew up into the air and pierced the heart of the angel who had murdered the dagger's previous weilder. He retrieved it once more and after donning it's sheath he continued on his appointed rounds uninterupted.


Name: Kaosu no ha

Type Of Weapon: chaotic longsword

Elemental Alignment: chaos

Ability/Function: doubles chaos energy/poison damage, absorbs airborn energy and corrupts it to chaos energy, unlocked a new abilitie for Ezrion.

Close/Long Range: close/long range

Enlarge this imageReduce this image Click to see fullsize (link for better view)

History: Ezrion recieved this weapon from his father who he had found on the isle of Demons. He had asked him why he was there and his father explianed that he had been sent here to fight in the upcoming war that Ragno feared was inevitable. Ezrion questioned him further about some of the newer abilities he had aquired, to see if his father could help him improve them. Salmathor turned around and drew a large sword out from behind his back and handed it to Ezrion. Once Ezrion held it he could feel that the Chaos energy within it was attuned to his own. He asked his father how he made it but he would not respond.

Battle skills:
Name:Suicide Nova

Requirements: All Energy

Class: Offensive

Element: Fire

Effect: Ezrion uses all the energy stored in the void in his back as well as all the energy he has at his disposal to create a massive explosion of energy that he mixes with fire to create a supernova of sorts. The move nearly kills him for it uses most of his energy. The blast is about two thousand meters in diameter. It is extremely powerful, anyone next to him will suffer near instantaneous evisoration.

History: He thought of it while training in the woods and tried it out. His first attempt nearly killed himself and wiped out about half the woods. He decided to try again at his house, but not using all of his energy so that the explosion would be kept under control. He managed to control the explosion and continued to improve it by making the enegy more concentrated and eventually came up with the idea to enhance it with fire. He has it mastered to the point where he can now stop it mid explosion and re-absorb the energy into himself. He has never again tried to use the full scale version of this move for he is afraid that he woll lose control and it will kill him. It is now his most powerful move, his ace up his sleeve if all else fails.


Name: Judgement of the damned

Requirements: Be a highly powerful demon

Class: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary

Element: N/A

Effect: Summons a cursed soul from hell that attaches itself to one foe. Alone it does nothing, but on every attack that the person makes afterward another soul is added. At five souls the victim becomes dizzy, ten their vision fogs and they hear voices, at twenty their mind begins to decompose causing the person to slowly go insane, at thirty the person is dragged to the deepest pits of hell where they endure a hundred years of torture in one second. Only lasts for the durration of the topic it is used in. Stops at fourty. THe first spirit can be dodged but after that all others will instantly travel to the person beause of the spirit already on them.

History: Ezrion unlocked this skill when he aquired his newest blade from his father. He accidentally used it on a demon that was nearby at the time who then fought back and ended up managing to get fifty souls on itself before it died. Ezrion was then told by the demon after it returned from hell the ordeal it went through.
Ezrion uses this move now to hinder his opponents and slowly drive them insane, before they die, either from him or the souls.


Name: Elemental manipulation

Requirements: Learn to master the elements one wishes.

Class: Supplementary

Element: Lightning and darkness

Effect: Allows Ezrion to completely control the elements of Lightning and Darkness. He had to Absorb a powerful demon that wielded these elements. He absorbed his father, gaining also vast strategies and battle experience.

History: Ezrion was traveling to the Isle of demons on the island to visit his father. He then stumbled upon one of the secret entrances to Satan's own personal hell. He decided to visit his partner. He was able to ass through the circles with impunity. HE arrived at the area where Satan lived and began a conversation with him. Satan told Ezrion he needed to learn more elements. Ezrion asked him a quick way to do this. The Devil answered him, Absorb a powerful Demon with the elements you wish to possess, now begone. After that Ezrion was teleported to The Isle of Demons. He spoke to his father about what Satan said and his father offered himself up to Ezrion. Ezrion reluctantly agreed and absorbed his father, who now inhabits the back of Ezrion's mind.

Skills: the manipulation of fire, demon and chaos energy abilities, unimaginable strength, incredible speed, summoning of demons, able to take a vass amount of damage, dimensional transportation, ability to make things seem like they slow down, excellent reaction time.

Date of bith: November 23, 3004
Date of death: --,--,----
Place of birth: outside of Cornwall Enland in a small chapel devoted to demonology.

Human Father: Ezrion Alexander Sr.
Demon father: Salmathor
Mother: Amber Alexander, who died in childbirth.

Training: trained by his father in the art of swordplay but had many teachers afterword to improve himself.

Physical traits: scar on back of neck down to left hip, tattoo on right hand, a personalized pentagram: an upsidedown star inside of another star surrounded by five candles the points of which emit real flames.

As a child Ezrion was raised along with his brother, Simon, as a Demon worshipper by his "father" Ezrion Sr. When he was 10 he was branded with a demon sigil on his right hand. It made him part of the "Demonic Guard" a group of men dedicated to stopping the "evil" angels from eradicating the demons from existense. He excelled at what he did. He killed many angels for the "cause". One day he and his brother were ambushed by a group of angels and their followers. His brother was slain but he escaped and returned to their father to give him the news.

On his 15th birthday he was given an item of great importance: his demonic claymore "Kuyomaji".

1 year later his possesions were stripped of him as well as his position in the Demonic Guard for dissobeying his commanding officer. He was banished to the demonic realm, with only his claymore, where he was supposed to die. Instead he was saved and taught by his true father the demon Salmathor. His sigil was giving demonic energies that allowed him to summon lesser demons to do his bidding. He also taught himself to no longer have any emotions toward the human race, no love, no hate, no pity.

After 2 years in the demon realm he was able to find a way back to our realm where he travelled around searching for the Demonic Guard. A month later he found them and slaughtered them all except for his father. He forced him to give him back his possesions, but all that was left were his gauntlets, greaves, and chest plate.

After doning his armor he left his father and went to live in a quiet town near the area that he was raised. He lived there in relative peace for the next 11 months. During this time he forged for himself a katana out of the hardest material he could locate: diamond reanforced with steel. He named the sword after his demonic father.

Extra info: shows very little emotion toward man kind, respects no one. not over confident. Always trying to make himself better.[b]

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