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The power of all on earth in one man

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The power of all on earth in one man

Post by Solomon Black on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:38 pm

Character Bio
Year: 3023

Name: Solomon Black

Date of Birth: July 7, 1477

Date of Death: His body stopped aging at thirty three.
Technical death, he had to fake it.

Weight: 172.4 lbs

Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

-Color: Jet Black
-Length: 12 inches
-Style: Straight


-Color: Deep Green

-Tone: Caucasian
-Type: III

Race: Born human, turned " Superhuman ", Is half Irish half Ukrainian and has a accent mix of both.

Place of Birth: Newry, Ireland

Physical Traits: -A scar over his left cheek
-A tattoo on the base of his neck on the front, left side (Now a flame)
-Another tattoo on his right arm (many black tendrils rising from his fingertips and up his arm all the way to his shoulder)

Likes: - Money
- pureness

Dislikes - Assholes

Occupation: Mercenary

Fears: - Any harm caused to his sister, (who is long deceased)
-Losing his humanity, keeps the scar on his face as a constant reminder of what he is.

Body Build: Medium

Personality: A cocky, aloof, funny guy in heart, though cuts off all ties to everybody else and is now indifferent to most things. Only really opens up to the people he trusts. Is emotionless to killing, unless the thing is pure, and has a thing aginst killing animals. Has a only if it directly involves me complex for the most part, but does understood what must be done sometimes, and will do the right thing every now and then.

Mother: Jane Black
Born in: Newry Ireland
Living status: deceased
Father: Oleksander Black
Born in: Vyscha Dubechnia, Ukraine
Living status: deceased

Sister: Annabell 'Silver' Black
Living status: deceased
Born in: Newry Ireland

Weapon: Solomon has a large arsenal of weapondry, which include;
-Excalibur: A seven foot long, single foot wide white broadsword, with a golden gaurd and handle. It can emit a beam of light which will turn anything that comes in contact with it into light particles.

-Trident blade: Has a large hand gaurd, on it is placed three normal sized double sided blades, which twist around each other a single time at the middle. It will triple the users power.

-Soul sword: Indescribable look, but normally looks like a small dagger, then when activated will grow to massive size. It will absorb who ever is killed by it's soul, then add the power to the user.

-Shade of swords:It is alive and can only be used by those compatible. It can create a black burning fog, that will eat through anything.

-Hiron's Talon: It can create the most powerful dragon fire, a fire that will not stop burning until it has burned away what it is touching. Indestructable.

-Stagtile Dagger: A small simple stone dagger. Control over minds/ bodliy movement. Indestructable.

-Thors Hammer: Can create God level electricity and lightning. Indestructable.

-Runed spear: A large spear with a barbed tip covered in runes. Able to plant a Rune that cannot be taken off, and invisible to all types of sensory - even energy traking - that can explode in a small but owerful explosion. Also can track the soul of someone, so it makes sure if someone is a clone or not. Indestructable.

-Runed sword: A four foot claymore covered in purple runes. Can multiply to no end. Indestructable.

- Stenhiel: A six and a half foot long, golden bowstaff. Can heal any poision/wound. Indestructable.

-Deutryin styhem: A double bladed sythe that is only four feet long. Each blade is about four feet in lentgh too. It can cause a large electric shock on any wound it causes, even if the wound is healed.

-Maquital: A large wooden plank with its edges covered in obsidian sharpened glass ( which is sharper tha razor sharp razors.) that will never break. The obsidian is covered with a energy depleteing poison that will also never run out. Indestructable.

- Nine Tendrils Form: He sprouts nine thin but long tendrils of pure destructive energy. Each tendril can turn into the ultimate of a element. No real power boosting, but shows that he is trying. This form can led to a devestating attack that can destroy anything it comes in contact with.

- Halfling Form: Solomon becomes a Halfling temporarliy, while in this form he gets a power boost of 15x. Unlocking this form gave him a permanent 30x boost. All that changes about his looks is his eyes. The whites turn black, the iris's turn gold and the pupils turn slited. His energy signature becomes to chaotic to follow or pinpoint. He also gains a certain immunity to pure energy attacks.

Skills: -Complete control over Fire, water, air, electricity, steel [ or for him manifestation, the abiltity to creating things out of near indestructible metal ], nature, earth, time, space, sound, gravity, his own body, darkness and light.
- Excels/master at combat with all weapons
-Super speed and strength
-Super genius
- His energy type is Raw, which means that it has no alignment in anyway, It is the begining energy where all other types come from, but at the same time has nothing to do with them.
- His will power is godly immenseful. From this he becomes completely immune to all illusions and hypnosis, and has everlasting paitence ( when he is sober. )

Solomon Black
The True Human

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