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Self inflicted injuries

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Self inflicted injuries

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:00 am

Ezrion returned home and decided to follow Ren's advice. He trained himself to become faster, stronger, and more agile. He woke up every morning at the crack of dawn and ran around the perimeter of the property ten times at full tilt. He practised yoga and other such techniques to make himself more agile. He carried a heavy boulder that was covered in small spikes on his shoulders from the front of his home to the back.

He occasionally felt the presense of someone watching him.

He created a new 'ultimate' move for his third form. It took him three days to perfect. His father comunicated with him and told him a way to gain a massive amount of battle nowledge. So he did what he was told to do.

Gathering energy in his hand he placed it on his forehead and muttered, "Release." His mind felt like it had shattered, like someone had turned the key that held him together. He saw glimpses of his past that he hadn't know of before.

He saw the man who killed his brother in front of him. Suddenly the man grew wings and began to glow. He then slashed at his brother with his sword before impaling him on his spear. No it can't be....

His father also gave him new strategies that usually involved one or more of his forms. He came up with a few of his own, but the majority were given to him by his father. He could also see aome of the abilities his father had and incorperated them into some of his techniques.
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