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Fate and Evelyn

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Fate and Evelyn

Post by EvelynFate on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:39 am

Name: Fate Evelyn

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Human

Appearance: When most see this girl, they whisper lightly. Beautiful short black hair, and a slim body, with pale skin. Slightly small though, she's obviously cute. She wears a special type of kimono, custom tailored to her body, so that it flows, and moves during her ebb and flow of battle. They tend to be black in color, with designs or cute belts. She's very shapely, and seems to be extremely fit for her age.

Alignment: Perfect Neutral

Elemental Mastery:

Plants : This is a mastery of all things plant-like. Trees, vines, leaves, petals, flowers : you name it, she can control it. Which makes quite a few places dangerous, especially outside, where it's most likely to hurt.

Blood : Blood may sound like a tricky thing, and it is. Able to manipulate her own blood, by producing more of it, and shaping it to be like weapons, what's the need for weaponry? She use her own blood, or someone else's, but she can't use someone's blood inside their body : there has to be an open wound first.

Illusion : She can bend reality a little bit, making illusions out of thin air. Like a pit of lava, or dragons. The fun stuff.

Personality: She has two modes : Fate, which is an intense, quiet, sadistic person, and Evelyn, which is nice, but very lonely and sad. Fate is the fighter, the killer of the two, as she likes to fight and maim, and well, all the good bloody stuff. She loves being rough, no matter where. Evelyn is the softie, as she likes to hang out with people, but she doesn't know a lot of them to begin with, since she's kind of shy. But she's a good girl, unlike Fate. She may or may not start arguing with herself in the middle of no where. And she loves to dance.

Weapons: Small daggers that are easy to wield and use. Also has a punch of throwing weapons.

Fighting Style: Fast. She loves to fight blindly fast, and overwhelmingly so : hit from three sides at once, and then pinch you in a trap. She's very intelligent, and loves to attack fast, and trap her opponent at the same time.

Affinities: Strategy. Speed.

Weaknesses: Puzzles. Brute Strength.

History: Her mother died in childbirth, leaving twins behind with a very abusive father. Evelyn used to listen to everything he and her old friends said : and those friends liked to abuse her, in anyway possible. Finally, hitting 16, Fate died, but her being transferred into Evelyn, and fought back for her. Killing her father, and abandoning her friends, she ended up here, without a clue, but not intending to find out what was going on. She just wanted to fight, did Fate, while Evelyn wanted friends, so they would argue a lot. But they had been trained to be fighters since they were little kids, as their daddy wanted a bodyguard. Now the two girls, in one body, seek on this place what they can do, while half-trying to figure out what's going on.

Pictures: Evelyn and Fate


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Re: Fate and Evelyn

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:11 pm


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