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Alpha Gamma Omega || Complete

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Alpha Gamma Omega || Complete

Post by Gamma Alpha Omega on Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:46 pm

.:Character Template:.

Name: Alpha Gamma Omega (Beginning, Middle, End)

Alias: Various well known "Human" warriors at different times.

Age: Actual age is unknown, but the appearance is of a 25 year old woman in her prime.

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Demon

Appearance: Because of her complete control over the Shadow element, her appearance is always changing. Usually a long black haired female with purple eyes the colour of Amethysts, her hands stay the same as a pair of well refined lady warriors hands. Her body is the classical sexy type, with breasts not too large for her body, but certainly a handful, her waist small, and her hips just right. She usually wears a leather jacket, with her sword strapped to her back, and her quarterstaff always in her hand. Her legs are covered in a pair of jeans that appear to be painted on, and her feet are always in a pair of heeled boots that come up to her knees. The shirt she wears underneath the jacket is a corset type of shirt, the colour of deep red wine.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Elemental Mastery: Air, Fire, Shadows

Personality: Alpha is a "I don't give a shit what you have to say to me, or what your opinion is, cause I don't care." Kind of girl. Her attitude proceeds her into a room, and she doesn't really like idiots much, though she appears to have a small streak for the typical bad boy type of guy. She's fun to be around, and her humour tends to lean towards the dry side. Being a bit of perv doesn't help her any, but it certainly doesn't hurt her either. She likes to laugh, and fight, and get the idea? Starts with F, ends in the UCK? Yeah that's right, she does that too. and she loves it. She doesn't really have a lot of control over her emotions, and she doesn't really care that she doesn't, so when she's pissed off, she's pissed off, and you'll know it.

Weapons: Anything, though is extremely skilled at the polearm and Sword masteries. Always has a long sword, and a quarterstaff with her while traveling.

Fighting Style: Alpha likes to get into people's faces and piss them off before killing them. Her style is that she always in their face, always doing what they are weakest to defend against.

Affinities: Perceptive combatant :: Can see almost at a glance what someone is weak against, and exploits it if she's able to.
Sword/polearm Master :: Having been around for a very long time, Alpha has found out what she likes to attack and fight with the most, which are Swords and polearms.
Elemental Control (air, Fire, and Shadow only) :: Being a Demon allows her to have various Elemental abilities. Her time in the world that she inhabits has been lengthy and allowed her to gain complete control over three Elements, Air, Fire, and Shadow.
Air :: This is the ability to manipulate Air into a weapon, such as making razor sharp needles of air to attack with. There are many different things she can do with it, including walking on air, and water.
Fire :: This is the ability to manipulate Fire into a weapon, like fire balls, and various fire attacks. Practical uses include summoning fire up for a camp fire, or to dry clothing.
Shadow :: This is the ability to manipulate Shadows. This covers from having your shadow attack you, to creating illusions to fool with your sight, smell, touch, and hearing.
Mind reading :: Alpha's main addition to her perceptive Combatant ability is her ability to read minds, and delve into memories of the person. This is a lengthy process that require immense concentration, such that she can't attack or use any of her Elemental Controls during the time that she memory Reading.

Weaknesses: Alpha has a very large fear of water, ice, and being buried alive.

History: Alpha's life as a demon was the normal demon life. Kill or be killed. And when you're younger they don't bother with you because you're just too young at that point to be a threat. She quickly mastered her Elements of choice which quickly made her a threat to the rest of the Demon Society, so now she was killing or being killed. Which never happened once. Though reincarnations of those she had killed kept coming back to haunt her.

She stumbled upon Mind reading quite by accident one day while traveling around and met a sage, who told her all about it, and proved it by telling Alpha about one of her memories that NO ONE knew about. Her favorite weapon at the time was a sword, and the sage taught her the grace and the fluidity of the Quarterstaff, which she naturally picked up on, and could apply to all other polearms.

Just a millennium ago, Alpha chose to become a Mercenary for Hire. This would protect her from the rest of the Demons of her society, at least a little bit, because more demons didn't deal with Mercenaries, and the ones that did were like her. So now she was just going around and doing what she loved. Killing people.




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Re: Alpha Gamma Omega || Complete

Post by Renzenku on Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:21 am

"Medical abilities :: Alpha can regenerate/heal any wounds within two posts of receiving the wound."

Just remove that .-. It's generally automatically assumed that one can regenerate any and all wounds the moment they get them. The question is of endurance, not the ability to heal ^.^

After you've done that, you're approved (there will be no follow up post for it, you're just approved)

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Re: Alpha Gamma Omega || Complete

Post by Gamma Alpha Omega on Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:04 pm

Officially completed then since Medical Abilities have been removed.
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Re: Alpha Gamma Omega || Complete

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