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Althaia /Lilith

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Althaia /Lilith

Post by althaia/lilith on Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:09 am


lilith -over thousands of years old(first wife of adam)

Gender: female

Althaia-human miko
lilith- queen of demons

Althaia is very beautiful considering it was techniqually a gift from the goddes of love, lust, and beauty; Aphrodite. She has long purple hair and dark blue eyes, and is a bit small. She usually wears a kendo outfit with a bit of armor on it. Similar to this She always pretty much carries bow and arrows just in case she needs to defend or protect. Althaia is honorable and believes in a fair fight, no cheating. She does not like to fight, but when push comes to shove she will
do her best to prevent anything from getting worse. Althaia was born pure at heart, no sign of darkness anywhere, she even temporary purifies anything just by being near her. Anyone near her can feel warmth, and comfort that you can't not help but enjoy, whethe you are evil/demon, or good.(a nice warm feeling you get when taking a warm bath/shower or some kind comfortable feeling you get; just an example).

Lilith is also very beautiful but also very cunning. She has longer darker pruple hair, and a more womanly figure. Most of her outfits are very revealing. She can easily hide her large demon wings inside her body and realeas them anytime she wants to. She is taller than Althaia, and is not a good person to trust, she wants to rule the world and does not care for the humans. There are hints that she does care for Althaia, but its hard to tell with the constant rmeinder of wanting to kill her after she has gotten her body seperated.

Althaia-good lawful
lilith-chaotic evil

Elemental Mastery:

Althaia- She is kind, sweet, and very pure. She loves to sing out in the blue when she is alone. She does not like to fight but will if neccessary. She will try to avoid killing many times, trying to talk some sense in her opponent to prevent things from going out of hand. She believes that everyone is truly good at heart but that won't stop her from fighting back if needed too.

lilith is a twisted person, but gets jealous when the attention is not around her. She claims to hate Althaia and often comments about destroying her when their bodies are sperated. Although there have been points in time where she does a favor for Althaia or keep her prommises with her despite the fact it was not neccessary; she blames that since they are one she 'has' to do it anyway. She hates Althaia's siter more than Althaia herself, claiming them to have too much ego.

Althaia has bow and arrows (about 25 arrows), each one blessed by a monk, she cometimes carries scrolls with different powers to attach it to for boost.
Once lilith takes over at night the bow and arrow changes to a staff

lilith has a magical staff containg dark magic, she usually has it in her left hand. If her staff is taken away she still can use some dark magic to create a dark purple chi claw around both of her hands.


Fighting Style:
Althaia does not really have a battle strategy except maybe always stay ready for defense and perfers to counterstrike than plan ahead to attack, many times she looks for a plan while fighting

lilith likes to either learn someone's weakness or when at points when they are less powerfult to attack. She like to make plans and has plent of patience for it.

althaia-purifying, singing, bow and arrow, scurracy, kiss of death(only in the lips and it only kills humans, but weaken demons/evil), speed(only wiht the bow and arrow)
lilith-lying, cooking, strength, speed, commanding demons,

Althaia-lying, any kind of weapon except bow and arrow, strength, strength

lilith- holy objects/sun, can come only out at night,

A long time ago in a land far away there was a large kingom deep in the dark forest, near the highest volcano. A queen lived there with many of her children; excpet they were not her actual children. They were taken in by mothers who could not take care of them theirselves. These chilren were brought up to become asssasains, called dokuhime, which means poison princess. A dokuhime would start out as a child and live their life built around toxics and poisnous gas. If the child lived they would grow to a certai age before being married to a king, which would be their target. Their bodies become immune to poison and absorb the toxic too, making their bodies deadly however the poison can only take effect to their target with a kiss.

The kingdom worhsips the goddess, Aphrodite(goddess of lust, love, and beauty). Aphrodite was pleased by all of the attention she got and gave the queen's fifth born child immense beauty before she was born. The queen had very few children of her own and each one with a different man. the most recent was a male monk with high spiritual powers.

demon queen
Around the time she was pregnent, and the father dead, a demon queen(goodess of the new moon/darkness) was in a battle between the godess of war, Athena. They fought; Lilith could have won but lost with because she was tricked, before she died she sent her soul to the nearest unborn child to take full control. The closest child was the queen's, however she made it too late and the child was born at the same time she tried to take control. Lilith had her own body even when sharing the child's body, however she could only come out with her body and powers at when at night, yet can control the girls body in day too, though she could not use her or the girls power. Lilith is supposidly the queen of darkness/goddess of a new moon, and is the first wife of Adam until she left the garden of eve to mate with an anarchy angel named Sameal.

The demon queen was not awake during the years Althaia grew up. Since her father was a a powerful monk with hhigh spiritual powers they used her to protect the castle from evil or demons. They gave her bows and arrows to stop any intruder that might be a threat to them. She was kind and was pure at heart, she did not like to kill but did not like when others kill. She believes in a fair fight and if someone loses should respect and be respected, without cheating.

The queen daughters don't married since one of them will be her successor, although she is considering to send off Althaia to the strongest Kingdom to be married to(whoever the king is), since she is beautiful, powerful, and deadly. Knowing fully well Althaia hates killing and only fights when neccessary they never told her how deadly a kiss would be. She does know that the queen often speaks about finding her a 'husband' soon.

Her whole 'family' is messed up, though in front of people they are polite and mature, in real life they are twisted and sick. Especially the queen who created this life for the girls.

twins(Lizzy, and Sammy)
The youngest are the twins sisters, they are probably the closest girls to actually like Althaia, though its mostly because they like to trick her into playing dangerous games that could get her in trouble. Anything that causes problems, they will trick her into in and even use her as a scape goat. Though they do like to compliments her somtimes say that she is cute for a girl at a young age and tend to flirt with her. Both girls carry lots of shurikens, kunais, explosives tags and each one has their own chain blade. Sort of like ninjas, except they wear lolita outfits. Thye often switch hair color style to confuse others.

second oldest(Rosaline)
She is very strong and loves any kind of weapon that is big, her strength is enormous and usually carries giant axes with blades, or malices bigger than her. She despises Althaia and doesn't care if its obvious or not, so she won't hesitate to make fun of or point out flaws. She also creates traps calling them 'accidents', that end up almost killing Althaia from time to time. It is unsure whether or not she is actually trying to kill her, but there have been plently of traps that did nothing except simple pranks. She also gets jealous when Althaia gets attention. She is sort of a sadist but usually with Althaia.

She is very smart and has the highest chance of receiving the heir to the throne. Though most sister believe is she mature, wise, and kind(especially to Althaia), its not true. She is probablly the most sadistic person every, sometimes even more than the queen. No one has proof of this but she has her own torturre chamber underground locked away for later. She only pretends to be the only normal one because she plans to kill the queen, and lock everyone away for 'fun.'

One day she encounters a large group of demons deep in a forest, while traveling to foreign places to increase her spiritual powers. She tried to avoid a fight but they ended up attacking her, and she was forced to battle. More and more came as she slowly took them down one by one, but too many came in.
It seemed hopeless at first but someone came in the nick of time to help, and easily destoryed them. She bowed and thanked him but he grabbed her notting letting her leave and disappeared with her, into another world. After so many hours of her disappearance she queen was angry and worried, after that her daughter is dead and could not marry her off to a king to kill. Upset she sent all of her minions, offered rewards to whoever finds her, and many other things. The other children do not know about her absence yet. The queen will consider a war to any kingdom that 'might' have her.
Pictures: bad

good Althaia

good Althaia
if she was a demon

her 'family'

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Re: Althaia /Lilith

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:24 pm


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Re: Althaia /Lilith

Post by althaia/lilith on Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:36 pm

no almost


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Re: Althaia /Lilith

Post by Renzenku on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:34 pm


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Re: Althaia /Lilith

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