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Thy 7 Sins(WIP)

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Thy 7 Sins(WIP)

Post by Sakio on Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:22 pm

Name: Thy 7 Sins

Type Of Weapon: Sword

Elemental Alignment: Each blade has it's own element


Close/Long Range: Both

Appearance: Floating around Sakio at all times are 7 invisible blades. These blades are known as Thy 7 Sins: "Greed", "Gluttony", "Wrath", "Envy", "Sloth", "Pride", and "Lust". Each blade is shaped differently and unique to itself. Each blade is also named after one of Thy 7 deadly sins. When Thy blades are idle or just floating around Sakio they are invisible. This is Thy reason why at first look it’s as if Sakio only has one blade. When Sakio wants to attack or defend with them they will appear, meaning as soon as they come in contact with something, Thy blades will flash and stay exposed for several seconds before vanishing again. Sakio is able to move them around with his mind, and doesn't need to physical touch them for them to attack or defend. When I talked to some people about it, they found a visual really helped so this is kind of what I am going for.

History: Sakio gained Thy Sins when he went to hell and killed each of Thy 7 deadly Sins demons. Upon killing them he stole there power and had it formed into his swords.

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