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Sir Psycho and His Merry Men of Merryness. WIP

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Sir Psycho and His Merry Men of Merryness. WIP

Post by Psychophixia on Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:09 am

Name: Psychophixia Asphyxiation

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Enigma

Appearance: Psycho wears a two piece, dark purple suit. Underneath that he has a dark green shirt. On his feet he wears jester-like, brown and orange shoes that curl upwards and have a bell at Thy tip. He wears white gloves over his hands. Thy top half of his face is covered by a mask. Thy mask starts at Thy nose. It has a teal tip, then covering over Thy eyes and forehead is a gold plating with white eye holes. And atop of Thy mask, three tendrils, Thy colors of green and orange extend out with bells at Thy tip. Strands of his hair flow from Thy mask like tenticles. They are red with black tips and go down to his jaw line. There is scarring on his mouth that extends out and two "x"s on each side that show a scar of healing.

Alignment: Lawfully Neutral, He just does what benefits him; Be it good or evil.

Elemental Mastery: (What element does your character have mastery over?)

Personality: Psycho is totally whacked out. Thoughts constantly running through his mind; always changing. He rants off a lot, changing Thy subject mid-sentence. In his mind there are four personalities that talk to him and seem to act as commentators to everything that he does. They are Pride, Joy, Wrath, and Decit. Pride, Joy, and Wrath always bicker off but it is Decit who tends to keep them line. Psycho can travel into his head and hold conversations with all of them if needed, and usually tends to. Though Psycho is quite intellegent, he will tend to hide it and act like a fool instead. In battle Psycho tends to play with his opponent, never taking Thy fight seriously. It usually takes Psycho a while to understand that his life would be on Thy line and that he would have to kill his opponent. Not that he wouldn't care, but it would just take a while for it to sink in. When Psycho does get serious, everything changes. His attacks will be come more brutal and percise and a killing aura will fill Thy air.

Weapons: He is a master of many weapons but he doesn't carry many around. He tends to fight with his bare hands, but when needed he resorts to a few weapons such as; Garotte, Knives, and sometimes a sword.

Fighting Style: When Psycho fights, it is like magic. Not that is just so awsome and amusing that everyone will want to just watch, but that he conveys distractions to keep his opponent constantly confused and guessing what will happen next. His means of show aren't really his means of attack.

Affinities: (What is your character good at? What general skills and abilities does he/she have?)

Weaknesses: (What is your character poor at? What general things do your character not work well with? What is his/her flaws?)

History: (What has your character done? What does he/she plan to do? What is his/her ambitions? What does he/she want in life?)

Pictures: Nope, No pictures for you. Razz

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Re: Sir Psycho and His Merry Men of Merryness. WIP

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:50 pm

Finish up, looking god so far.

I am that which come's in the dark, to snuff out the light. I am that which causes the bravest of men to cower on the ground. I am worse than death itself. I am FEAR!
Ezrion Alexander
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Re: Sir Psycho and His Merry Men of Merryness. WIP

Post by Psychophixia on Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:08 am

Sorry about that, lost website link and working on a Bio that is more intune to this site.

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Re: Sir Psycho and His Merry Men of Merryness. WIP

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