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Arch Knight Form (Ultimate form)

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Arch Knight Form (Ultimate form)

Post by Solomon Black on Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:28 pm

Name: Arch Knight

Requirements: Solomon must die. Solomon must die in Null form.

Class: Offensive

Element: None

Duration: 8 posts

Drawbacks: -If Solomon has not deafeted his opponent in time he will die when it ends.
-Loses all Elemental manipulation
-Can not talk

Advantages: -100x boost to Energy reserves
-100x boost to all stats
-Gains A Invincible body
-Gains Armor that cannot be destroyed
-Gains A sword with the ability to bring back the dead/can shoot out a beam of unstoppable energy with the thickness of a truck/Indestructable/With each cut it will half the persons Energy
-Can levitate Inanimate objects
-Can levitate himself
-Does not need to breath
-Can talk into the opponents mind


History: The first Time Solomon Died, 1500 years ago he went into this form. Killing his life long friend Juan tyrannus. He then killed the god of the Null void and defeated his army of unstoppable Nulls. After reverting to normal he then made his choice for him and james to leave that universe and travel the multi-dimensions. Working as Mercenaries of the universes.

Some call me king, some call me messiah, some even go to call me god, but I tell them. I am only a man.
Solomon Black
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Re: Arch Knight Form (Ultimate form)

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:37 pm

Approved I suppose.

I am that which come's in the dark, to snuff out the light. I am that which causes the bravest of men to cower on the ground. I am worse than death itself. I am FEAR!
Ezrion Alexander
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