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Water Grounds Rules

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Water Grounds Rules

Post by Ragno Rakk on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:01 pm

Water Grounds Appearence and Rules[u]

Simple underwater fight. There are two large platforms on the water that can be used but they look simply like thin ice. There is a magical field that prevents the fighters to raise more then 10 feet above the surface of the water.

Within the water is a Leviathan that can not be killed that sends massive tsunami's that come from every direction; so it's like a bowl of water moving in on you. The tsunami's; which are two thousand feet tall waves; start at the very edge of the arena and move inwards. This happens every 7 posts; and once every 10 posts the leviathan lifts it's head above the water and screams with the force of a sonic boom as if it were made from light speed; a eardrums shattering scream that can dissolve you into nothing if you are right next to the Leviathan's mouth when he does it.

Also once every 5 posts the leviathan sends a strong electrical shock through the water.

Make sure to recognize these things.
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