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Sky Arena

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Sky Arena

Post by Ragno Rakk on Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:02 pm

Sky Arena Appearence and Rule

The alloted space to fight is the entirety of the sky, limited to only being within the cloud level; however there are three square mile large platforms in the clouds. The appearence is that of a sunny sky, but after two posts the clouds darken and slowly get darker and darker.

The only rule is that there is a Lightning Bird amongst the clouds that is moving to fast to possibly see or attack because of its speed. There is constantly massively powerful bolts or lightning that are happened in every direction possible amongst the clouds; primarily left to right directionally. The lightning is basically targetted to home in on your characters. Every five posts the Lightning Bird uses a move that is a massive wave of electricity in every direction through the entirety of the clouds. This wave will do massive damage should it hit you and it can't be stopped. I will control a special move used by the Lightning Bird periodically that is a also massively powerful.

Remember to mention the Lightning Bird attacking you.
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