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Ezrions choas blade

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Ezrions choas blade

Post by Ezrion Alexander on Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:48 pm

Name: Kaosu no ha

Type Of Weapon: chaotic longsword

Elemental Alignment: chaos

Ability/Function: doubles chaos energy/poison damage, absorbs airborn energy and corrupts it to chaos energy, unlocked a new abilitie for Ezrion.

Close/Long Range: close/long range

Appearance: (link for better view)

History: Ezrion recieved this weapon from his father who he had found on the isle of Demons. He had asked him why he was there and his father explianed that he had been sent here to fight in the upcoming war that Ragno feared was inevitable. Ezrion questioned him further about some of the newer abilities he had aquired, to see if his father could help him improve them. Salmathor turned around and drew a large sword out from behind his back and handed it to Ezrion. Once Ezrion held it he could feel that the Chaos energy within it was attuned to his own. He asked his father how he made it but he would not respond.

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Re: Ezrions choas blade

Post by Renzenku on Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:51 pm


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