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Ren Helps Karasu

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Ren Helps Karasu

Post by Karasu Kitsu on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:28 pm

Karasu was walking around in the rehlm of demons unscared. He just got finish fighting some of them and was hoping that he could find somebody to help him fight them. They where growing large in numbers and Karasu was running out of energy. He was still smiling even though he stop having his carfree attitude and started to get seroiuse seeing that he dosent want to die here. He was now being attack by the monsters.
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Re: Ren Helps Karasu

Post by Renzenku on Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:36 am

Shifted his gaze from above down to watch the newcomer to the island go about fighting some demons the Angel sighed; Constantly saving people; can be annoying really... An intense shield made of pure Cosmos energy surrounded Ren and the same surrounded Karasu; just made of Chaos Energy. The twin blades held loosely in the male's hand as he shot a small spike at the newcomer; a nuclear blast rocked the Isle as Ren eviserated the demons, the newcomer protected by the shield. The buildings around were completely leveled but were quickly repaired by Ragno as he watched over the island to prevent to much damage; smirking to himself the Angel alighted in front of Karasu and yawned. Silence permeated the recently destroyed and then healed landscape.

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