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Lord M

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Lord M

Post by Lord M on Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:37 pm

Name: Lord M

Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Dragon/Humanoid

Appearance: No clothing is represent on this character, has Bowser's (Nintendo) appearance-like structure (except no horns, shell or tail.) His tongue is connected to his roof top of the mouth while his eyes are pure red. Claws are also shown on the character's hands and feet plus, his skin is appeared to be black with gray mixed into it.

Alignment: Evil

Elemental Mastery: Dark, Earth

Personality: He likes to accept challenges from warriors that approach him but puts fear into those that accept his challenge.

Weapons: Claws, black-magic (if that counts).

Fighting Style: His fighting stance is always "Show claws first" as it always brings fear to his opponents.

Affinities: His abilities is confusing the opponent(s). One example, is for tough situations that Lord M can't normally get out of he disappears into thin air. But reapers to attack his opponent from behind.

Weaknesses: His one true weakeness is those that reflect his fear. But, he is very poor at speed while his strength consumes most of it so he can be vulnerable at times.

History: He was punished by his brother that was a god for not balancing the world they created in peace. So he was mutated into the form he is now and was sent down from the heavens to the planet. In which case was a bad move for Lord M's brother, as he has now control most of the world. And plans on controlling more of the world. (Full story can be shown here)

Lord M

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Re: Lord M

Post by Renzenku on Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:00 pm


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