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Null Form

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Null Form

Post by Solomon Black on Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:20 pm

Name: Null Form

Requirements: To have a complete connection with the Null Void. Godly Strong willed.

Class: Suplementary.

Element: Nothingness/Null Energy

Duration: 20 posts

Drawbacks: Cannot use Nine tendrils. Transformation causes much pain and lasts a post.

Advantages: -15x strength
-15x Energy reserves
-25% immunity to energy attacks
-Energy signiture becomes fluctuating making him seem either 1% ofhis actual power or 100x more powerful. Also makes him impossibly hard to track.
-Gains Null energy

Description: During the transformation, it changes, but his skin will turn grey. He usually gets hideously deformed and it is very painful. After the transformation his skin returns to its normal;color and his body fixes itself. His eyes change color also, the whites turn black and the irises turn golden. His teeth become fangs and his irises become slited. His personality changes to be much more sadistic and evil.

History: Solomon put his hand on Rens head, " Thank you friend. " He focused his Gaze on the Titan. " I guess this is nessicary. " He, instead of focusing his energy, let it flow freely.

It flowed like that for a second, then Solomon suddenly made a large snapping noise. He fell to his knees as his arm swelled to a massive size. The whites of his eyes turned black, the iris's gold and the puils slited. Each finger turned into a ruler long claw, and his skin turned polished grey. His left eye was replaced by a large grey horn. He teeth had become fangs.

He went to speak but it came out as a demonic growl, " This is a power boost, James was right. " He took a step forward, then stood behind the Titan. Wrapping around the Titans waist with his claws, he smashed him into the ground, then threw him as far as he could.

He almost jumped after the Titan, then stopped, shook and returned to normal, except his eyes were now black, gold and slited. " Just compress that now. "

The Titan had hit the ground and instantly stopped. Then righted himself, and walked forward completely unharmed. Even though he was more than 500 meters away. When he spoke everone heard it, " That energy was a little to chaotic for me to follow for a moment. What is it? "

Solomon grinned, " Nothing. ".

Some call me king, some call me messiah, some even go to call me god, but I tell them. I am only a man.
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Re: Null Form

Post by Renzenku on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:09 pm

>.> Approved I suppose

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